If you love art and design and have a passion for tattoos and human interactions, becoming a tattoo artist can be a rewarding career for you.

According to the latest market analysis, the tattoo industry is still going strong with no signs of slowing down. Body ink has become much more mainstream. Tattoo business industry experts believe that tattooing is here to stay for the time being. Tattoos and body piercing businesses have relatively low start-up costs, and once a tattoo artist has an established clientele and builds a good reputation, they can earn upwards of 20-30 k ₪ per month.


I’m honored to offer you a Practical tattoo training course. The course takes place in a professional and well-equipped studio in Tel Aviv, in the format of weekly sessions.

In the course we will learn and practice all the basic techniques of tattooing, so that you can continue to specialize in any style later in your career. In addition, we will acquire important tools and skills in topics such as building design, developing ideas, communicating with customers, and more. . During the course and after its completion, the students receive advice and guidance in all professional matters, including choosing equipment, designs, choosing a workplace, pricing, dealing with customers and more.

The course is suitable for 18 years of age and older, with a good drawing/illustration portfolio.

The key to creating a great tattoo begins with a visually appealing drawing, so it’s essential that you focus on improving your drawing skills before you consider learning and practising tattooing.
For existing tattoo artists who want to improve specific tattoo skills, I’m happy to offer to attend a one day master class.